Welcome Note

Hello Everybody...Wishing you all an enjoyable stay at TVBees where you will find series/movies reviewed by our experienced reviewers, weekly challenges judged by our lovely judges, and also graphic request designed by our awesome designers! :) Also, you will find daily/weekly songs for your pleasure.

About TVBees


The main purpose of building this blog is to have the opportunity to gather people of the same interests together. I would be thrilled to meet new friends :)

Well, probably most of you will be wondering WHY TVBees? and WHAT is this blog about?

Actually the name itself is divided into 2 components: TV and Bees. Reason is mainly because I am a TV addict especially to TVB series and bees hoping this site could be like a swarm of bees buzzing around. :D

This blog will contain a random of mix topics that are communicate via TV which could be practically EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. However, the main focus will be on 2 categories predominantly TVB series and Dogs related. Because of resource constraint as we currently only have 3 people, I will keep it to mostly on Series and Movies review related until further notice.

TVBees woud also post up monthly graphic challenges which will be judge by at least 5 people. So guys please have a look out at the main page for any new updates ya! :)

Now that you have got a rough idea on what's this blog about, we at TVBees do hope you will enjoy your stay here. Feedback and comments are much appreciated to help improve this blog.