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Don Juan DeMercado (情人眼裏高一D)
This is a mini series produced by TVB which contained a total of 6 episodes (1st and 6th episode are 45min each and 2nd-5th episode are 22min each.

Cast:Wong Cho Lam
Bosco Wong
Kitty Yuen
Christine Kuo
Kate Tsui
Wilson Tsui
Joel Chan

Overall Summary:
This series is about a guy(played by Wong Cho Lam) who has great voice but without the looks. His dream ambition is to be a singer but failed due to his look. However, one day after eating a magic choclate he mysteriously turn into a good looking guy and instantly became a popular celebrity. (played by Bosco Wong)

However this "magical moments" will only lasts 24 hours and when the chocolate effect wears off, Wong Cho Lam becomes his original self again.

Summary of each Episode:
Episode 1

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