Welcome Note

Hello Everybody...Wishing you all an enjoyable stay at TVBees where you will find series/movies reviewed by our experienced reviewers, weekly challenges judged by our lovely judges, and also graphic request designed by our awesome designers! :) Also, you will find daily/weekly songs for your pleasure.

Our Team

The following are list of our members at TVBees and a brief description on us for you guys to get to know us better. :)

Screen Name: TVZ
Role(s): Webmistress, Graphic Designer, Challenge Judge
Other Site(s): -
About Me: Just wanna have fun in life and hoping to meet new friends

Screen Name: Apple
Role(s): Co-Webmistress, Challenge Judge
Other Site(s):
About Me: Chatterbox thats what most of my friends called me :)

Screen Name: k i mxbb1113
Role(s): Reviewer, Challenge Judge
Other Site(s): http://fatefuldreamer.blogspot.com/
About Me: Hey~ I'm kim, I'm a high school student, who loves writing and watching k-dramas and k-movies~ ^^. I'm basically very nice and moody~ Lol.

Screen Name: Dvy
Role(s): Graphic Designer
Other Site(s): http://dysensational.blogspot.com/ | http://summer-prist.blogspot.com/
About Me: I like to design but i took off for a half of a year so now my designing is a bit rough but please bare with me. I am Hmong and from the US. I love to sing and plan to audition for YG. I hope everyone enjoy tvbee. And thats me.

Screen Name: RayneTaky
Role(s): Graphic Designer
Other Site(s): http://vanilla-sky-wb.blogspot.com/ | http://ver-sah-tyle.blogspot.com/ | http:prettyboysS2.blogspot.com
About Me: Annyeong Kim Rayne imnida! I'm not really good with introductions so probably the only thing about me is that I'm a huge Super Junior fan, mostly Eunhyuk & KyuWook fan.

Screen Name: Hann
Role(s): Challenge Judge (Casual)
Other Site(s): http://hann-miscellany.blogspot.com/
About Me: Hi there, I love to make friends. :D

Screen name: Diane
Role(s): Graphic Designer and Challenge Judge
Other site(s): Sheer Essence, Happy Dreams, and Shards of Memories
About me: Hi I'm Diane. I love photoshopping and being with people.

Screen Name: Sky
Role(s): Contest/ Challenge Judge
Other Site(s): K-OTIC International Fanz
About Me: Hello.I'm 16 y.o. and i live in Seattle,WA. I'm usually a very happy person,although I have my mood swings. I am very caring and I always wish the best for others around me.I like K-POP, T-POP, J-POP, etc.

Last but not least, we are ONE HAPPY FAMILY at TVBees! :D