Welcome Note

Hello Everybody...Wishing you all an enjoyable stay at TVBees where you will find series/movies reviewed by our experienced reviewers, weekly challenges judged by our lovely judges, and also graphic request designed by our awesome designers! :) Also, you will find daily/weekly songs for your pleasure.

Be part of TVBees

Note: Application for Graphic Designer is now closed. Thank You.

Interested to be part of TVBees? There are both Full Time and Casual position.

Well there are no requirements or experience needed except for if you are applying as a graphic designer, would be great if you could send links of your previous digital artwork.

We are a bunch of fun team and all we wish is your commitment and that you are able to be contacted via email. All correspondence will be via email, so please ensure you keep your email up to date.

For position as challenge judges, there are also opportunities to join our team as a "Casual Staff" which you will be invited on per challenge basis for your judgement. And you have the option to accept/decline the invitations. And if you wish to apply for casual position just put a note anywhere on the application form indicating "Casual".

Thank you...